PE Brine Tanks for Water Softening System and Dosing System

Two PE water tanks on white background.

PE Brine Tank

PE brine tanks are widely used in boiler softened water treatment, water softening system, dosing system, construction, hardware electronic industry, clothing and shoes, textile printing and dyeing, water storage, water treatment, electronic chemical industry, petrochemical industry, chemical reagent, pickling, electroplating, medicine, food, urban and rural water supply, wine and sugar industries, vegetable pickling, aquaculture, refrigeration, cold storage, environmental protection, sanitation, etc.



  • Imported PE raw materials, one-step rotational moulding process.
  • Inner and outer smooth surfaces, nontoxic and odourless
  • Excellent resistant to acids, alkalis and impacts
  • Outstanding high temperature and low temperature resistant
  • No embrittlement, no leakage, no moss and no scaling
  • The inner surface is easy to clean and has good hygienic property and corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight, easy to install, handle and transport

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