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Development Course – We Keep Trying to Do Better

Looking to the future, we will keep growing by meeting the various challenges in our paths!

  • 2021

    CE and NSF certification

  • 2020

    Add FRP filter series products

  • 2019

    Establish production base of Arclion FRP softener water tank

  • 2017

    Add three automatic membrane housing production lines

  • 2014

    Get the American Society of Mechanical Engineers certification

  • 2013

    Get the Safe – Drinking Water Hygiene License

  • 2011

    Add plastic injection production line

  • 2006

    Hebei Chengda Winder® FRP Membrane Pressure Vessels Department Established.

  • 1976

    ChengDa Established in 1976.

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Chengda Water Video