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Stand 13 0000 Times of Cycle Test, Burst Pressure Up to 85 Bar

There are two ROHONE 8

Rohone FRP membrane housing – A80S300

News time: 16 May, 2018

Event: Test of fatigue life and burst pressure

Test Object: Rohone series FRP membrane housing

Model: R80A300S, R80B300S and R80S450.

Model No.Design pressure(PSI)ROHONE cycle testCycle test standard by ASMEROHONE burst pressureBurst pressure standard by ASME
R80A300S300130 000 times100 000 times61 Bar23.1 Bar
R80B300S300130 000 times100 000 times61 Bar23.1 Bar
R80S450450130 000 times100 000 times85 Bar34.6 Bar

We are very proud to say that the quality of Rohone series FRP membrane housing has been meet but surpasses the requirement of 10 0000 times of cycle test and 23.1 Bar & 34.6 Bar of burst pressure standard by ASME.

We are still moving forward......

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