Winder 2.5" FRP RO Membrane Housing – 300/1000 PSI, End Port

White membrane housing with 2.5" inner diameter made in Winder.

2.5" FRP membrane housing

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Winder®  2.5" FRP RO membrane housings are widely used in reverse osmosis water treatment system. 300 PSI to 1000 PSI, end port for 2514, 2521, 2540 membranes.

Winder FRP RO housing since 2006, ASME certification in 2014: 

  • 100% quality assurance test with 1.1 times of working pressure maintained for at least five minutes, we could guarantee the safety and no leakage. Not sampling test.

  • Quality Assurance

    • Burst test with 6 times of its design pressure;

    • 100000 times cycle test.

Winder® series FRP membrane housings are applicable to multiple standard membrane element, E.g. Filmtec, Hydranautics, Osmonics, Koch, Toray, CSM, Vontron and BDX, etc.

2.5" FRP membrane housing


2.5 Inch End Port

300 PSI
2.1 MPa
1000 PSI
6.9 MPa
2.5 inch end port membrane housing

2.5 Inch End Port

White 2.5" membrane housing with end entry made in Winder®. Working pressure is 300 PSI.

2.5 inch end port membrane housing

2.5 Inch End Port

White 2.5" membrane housing with end entry made in Winder®. Working pressure is 1000 PSI.



  • Composite construction is anti-wearable.

  • Test every membrane housing, not sampling.

  • Electrically non-conductive.

  • Resistance to corrosion, oxidation & aging.

  • Well heat-insulting property.

  • High sealing pressure performance.

  • Mirror inner wall and brightly surface.

  • Standard and non-standard are all available.


Component assembly diagram of 2.5" end entry

Components assembly diagram of 2.5" FRP membrane housing.
Component detail of 2.5" FRP membrane housing.
  1. Inner hexagonal head bolt

  2. Crescent film

  3. Pressure head

  4. Sealing rings


 Specification of 2.5" FRP Membrane Housing
Model No.Design pressure
Operating temperatureConnectionElement length
W2514E300300-10 °C–49 °CEnd port14" × 1
W2521E300300-10 °C–49 °CEnd port21" × 1
W2540E300300-10 °C–49 °CEnd port40" × 1
W2514E10001000-10 °C–49 °CEnd port14" × 1
W2521E10001000-10 °C–49 °CEnd port21" × 1
W2540E10001000-10 °C–49 °CEnd port40" × 1


2.5" FRP membrane housing is professional for industrial waste water treatment, seawater desalination, brackish water desalination, watermaker RO systems on boat and yacht, RO system for electronics, electric power, food & beverage, metallurgy, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields.

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